Making the Smart Door

Alex Cox
2 min readSep 24, 2016


Trevor, Vince, Arwin, and myself (left to right) after staying up all night building and coding the door .

A few months back we made a Smart Door.

Mirrors and Fridges are cool and all, but the last thing you see when leaving home is the door. So why not put the information where you’ll see it most?

When leaving the home you need to know the weather outside, the time to your destination, and maybe even call an Uber. While we are lacing up our shoes or deciding the jacket to wear we shouldn’t have to open up three different apps to get this information we need to make the right decision or get a ride to our destination. It makes more sense to display it all on the door and make it easily accessible while you are getting ready to go.

We packed our smart door full of other useful features in addition to what it displays on the screen. When someone knocks on the front you receive a text message with a link to see who’s out front via the IP camera and can choose to remotely unlock the door for them.

We also added an RFID sensor so we could use our Michigan student ID cards to open it up.

Here are some pictures of making it.

What’s inside a door? Wood, cardboard, glue, and not much else.
Building the frame so the door could stand up on its own.
Under the hood you can see Trevor working on the guts that went into this thing router, arduinos. raspberry pis, breadboards, piezo “knock sensor”, ip camera, and lots of tape.
We added an LED strip so you can easily tell if your door is locked or unlocked from afar and remotely lock it if it was unlocked.
Everything Assembled! iPad in acting as our screen.

Thanks for looking through!

check out the devpost here:



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