How to make a custom engagement ring

The custom engagement ring I made for my fiancé

Step 1: Ring Research




Step 2: The gemstone




Step 3: Before you design

Step 4: Design tells a story

Step 5: Decision checklist

  1. Metal(s)
  2. Finish
  3. Shape (flat, tapered, twisted)
  1. Traditional
  2. Custom
  1. Stone
  2. Size (carats)
  3. Color
  4. Cut

Step 6: Jewelry Design

Ring specifications here:

Step 7: Validating the design

Step 8: Making the Ring

Conclusion: Project Details

Project Cost

  1. jewerly designer $200
  2. Plastic 3D print of the ring: $20.82
  3. Project manager: $357
  4. Jeweler: $1,669.50


  1. I started researching on October 19th 2019
  2. Hired the designer on April 8th, 2020
  3. Completed the design on April 13th
  4. Ordered 3D print on April 26th
  5. Received 3D print on May 9th
  6. Hired the project manager to help find a ring creator on July 1
  7. Put the deposit in for the ring on September 27th
  8. Received the completed ring on December 11, 2020


  1. She said yes 👍
  2. Having the ring tell a story was the key to making this work. Without a story it’s impossible to make decisions.
  3. Finding an incredible designer was the key. I actually hired two designers. One on Fiverr and one Upwork. The Upwork designer blew everyone out of the water and make this whole project possible.
  1. Get your ring measurements right! I measured a ring she wore on her middle finger instead of one she wears on her ring finger so the engagement ring fits the wrong finger 🤦‍♀️
  2. Materials. I’m super happy with my material choices and was very picky about them, but they did make the project take much, much longer than necessary not to mention the extra cost of needing to hire a project manager.




Product Manager and designer writing about ideas. Living and working in SF. See more of my projects at

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Alex Cox

Alex Cox

Product Manager and designer writing about ideas. Living and working in SF. See more of my projects at

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