Hi Mitchell! Thanks for your response. Criticizing FaceID is not my intention here, but rather to highlight the odd usability choice to put at 2 second lag between initial failure and showing the passcode to unlock.

For the desk use case I might be a bit out of the ordinary since my job is designing and testing apps. Because of this I keep the phone on the desk plugged in to mirror sketch or test latest xcode builds. FaceID basically always fails when I need to unlock the phone at my desk, not a big deal I just type in the passcode, but that 2 second lag has just bugged me every time. Why would they put that there?

FaceID feels magical, but when it isn’t they make sure you really feel it. Odd choice, and I can’t think of a satisfying reason for why they would choose to make the user wait.

Thanks for the double tap tip I’ve always swiped left to right never knew about that tip, already saving me time :)


Product Manager and designer writing about ideas. Living and working in SF. See more of my projects at www.alexcreates.me

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