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  • Josh Elman

    Josh Elman

    I love building products that people use. I‘ve helped build Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, Robinhood. Investor in Medium, Tiktok/, Discord

  • Parv Sondhi

    Parv Sondhi

    Product Manager @Tech| Lecturer @Berkeley | Lazy @Home

  • Aging In Beauty

    Aging In Beauty

    The beauty in Aging and the Aging in Beauty. @AgingInBeauty

  • Michelle Lu

    Michelle Lu

    Now: PM at Clever | Past: COO of Honeydew, PM @ Amazon, University of Michigan, and MPowered Entrepreneurship

  • Natasha Cox

    Natasha Cox

  • Marc Andrew

    Marc Andrew

    Designer. Created Cabana Design System for Figma, sharing UI & UX Tips at and building

  • Mudit Bhargava

    Mudit Bhargava

    Excited about business, technology, design (and great food!) Co-creator of LookUp, an award winning dictionary app. Love building products & getting things done

  • TIME


    Breaking news and current events from around the globe

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