3D model to help illiterate users understand what we’re talking about

Designing Apps for the Illiterate and Digitally Challenged…India Edition

Nidhi showing a woman different pictures of objects to understand what she prefers. I’m in the blue on the right observing how the woman is looking at the pictures (and trying to understand her Hindi!)

Our mission was to create a building estimate tool that told the homeowner exactly how much a structurally sound home in her region would cost.

Paper airplane icon. Illiterate users do better with 3D renders or real pictures.
Few users understood abstracted icons.

The process

Quick usability test mockup to see how users interact with the device and perceive construction-related pictures.
A few of the final app screens. Notice how close to reality all the pictures are. No abstractions, just rendered design files to show the home the user is designing.
Watching a younger user test the Principle mockup to get an estimate for a home.



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