Gemstones, metals, and a solid story. My process to craft the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé.

TL;DR Skip to step 6 below if you want to learn about hiring people to get the ring designed and made.

Optimize for years of consciousness, not existence

Sleeping koala. He’s awake 3 years of his life. 4 hours less sleep a day means 6 years of consciousness

We sleep about a third of our life — 26 years on average.

What if we slept four hours a day instead?

We’d get an extra 13 years of consciousness back — 13 more years of experiences and memories.

In the past nearly…

We’ve all interacted with unique interfaces- whether it’s your DSLR, Nest, or blender, all devices have a physical interface — the face you interact with. …

A self portrait of the author waiting to see if you’ll steal his idea or read this post long enough to learn it’s a guide

Wantrepreneurs are paranoid that someone will steal their fantastic business idea.

Spoiler alert:

They won’t.

No one is stealing ideas because making them real relies on experience, luck, and focused work for a long time.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the idea below. I’ve given you everything you need and…

A single idea that justifies that product’s existence

Every great product you use and love has a single unifying reason to exist, some central thesis. This thesis is not always correct — not everyone wants to wave at their computer to move a window or change the focus of their pictures later, but every successful product has a…

I know what you’re thinking. Not another article about design systems, but if you’re a lone designer at a small startup you should read this one.

As a lone designer, creating a design system makes you

  1. Faster — it will make you at least 3 to 5x faster at your…

Our process of researching and designing a demo app for the Wynd Device in the Apple Store

Why Build an Apple Store Demo App

In November Apple reached out to us about putting our Wynd product into their physical Apple Stores.

By March of 2019, we had the first batch of Wynd portable air purifiers in Apple stores across North America. …

Imagine for a moment that you want to turn on a light in your super modern smart home? You have an Alexa enabled light switch. You say “Alex turn on the living room light.”

The light just turns on. Feels like magic, right?

Well. At least a few years ago…

Most times as UI / UX designers we’re designing apps for users to interact with and use. Those designs are all about where buttons are placed, how information is categorized, and how people interpret a screen.

With the Wynd Halo + Home Purifier, we designed an experience. From the air…

Unless you’re Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or selling hella ads on your own news feed.

There’s been a recent trend to take away the helper text beneath the tab bar icons. This subtraction unnecessarily makes users more hesitant to tap on icons they don’t recognize and reduces unguided exploration within the app.

There are very good reasons to take off that text and gain an…

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