A self portrait of the author waiting to see if you’ll steal his idea or read this post long enough to learn it’s a guide

Wantrepreneurs are paranoid that someone will steal their fantastic business idea.

Spoiler alert:

They won’t.

No one is stealing ideas because making them real relies on experience, luck, and focused work for a long time.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the idea below. I’ve given you everything you need and…

A single idea that justifies that product’s existence

Every great product you use and love has a single unifying reason to exist, some central thesis. This thesis is not always correct — not everyone wants to wave at their computer to move a window or change the focus of their pictures later, but every successful product has a…

Alex Cox

Product Manager and designer writing about ideas. Living and working in SF. See more of my projects at www.alexcreates.me

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